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First rain of 2014

Got a little precip this morning. Ended up with 8/100ths of an inch. I’ll have the Rainfall Reports page updated soon. Manny Express (AKA, UPS) dropped off several hundred pots for the pomegranate cuttings today. We went with 3 gallon Root Pouches because they are a little easier to work with than conventional pots, allow the […]

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New chickens

Added another 10 chickens to our flock today. That brings us up to around 38 which is about 1/2 of our goal. We’re working on getting licensed so that we can sell our eggs to the local stores and the farmers market. As long as the birds can pay their own way, we’ll keep adding […]

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An experiment in sprouting grains for fodder (chicken food!)

Sprouting grains instead of feeding them dry is not a new concept but it is making a comeback. We’ve been looking into this for a while now and decided to give it a shot for our chickens. Dry grain digestibility is roughly 40% while sprouted grain is 80%. Plus, after just a few short days, […]

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2013 – A Year in Review

Moving off-grid is by far the biggest leap we’ve ever made. We’ve lived in the country, the city and the suburbs. We’ve lived in the desert, the mountains, the forest and the flatlands. All of that was no big deal. To start completely over with nothing but a piece of dirt was an eye opener […]

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